Big Game / Whitetail Deer

From shoulder mounted White-tailed Deer to a Giant Moose McNamara's Taxidermy can deliver an absolutely stunning , lifelike mount of your trophy. With 4 decades of experience in Taxidermy and countless hours of continued training we are confident of one fact, we can deliver the type mount you want and do it RIGHT! Our studio is able to mount a simple shoulder mount or a completely custom piece complete with a solid wood creation for the pedestal base. McNamara's Taxidermy understands your concern for the care of your animal and take every precaution to ensure the utmost caution is used in the processing of the animal from skinning to tanning to actually assembling the mount. As with each and every phase of Taxidermy, whether it be Birds or Fish or Elk reference is always key to a realistic piece and our studio uses live reference for each and every animal mounted. From Cougars to Moose to Muskox and Caribou you can trust McNamara,s Taxidermy to handle your trophy needs. Want advice before the hunt ? Give us a call. We love to talk about the hunt both before and after. Let me thank you for considering McNamara's Taxidermy Studio.