Raptors, Song Birds, Ect

McNamara's Taxidermy does Bird Taxidermy right! Having been a Waterfowl and Upland bird hunter all my life has given me a desire to mount very high Quality fowl and birds. One look at our selection of client mounts on the site should convince you we can give you a mount which actually looks life-like!! No matter then species we can mount it. Size is no issue either. McNamara's Taxidermy has mounted tiny Hummingbirds and large Tundra Swans. { One word of warning, Hawks, Owls and Song birds are protected and require the proper permits to posses them.} pets are also a possibility and are regularly mount in out Studio. Shipping of birds to and from our shop is quite simple and if needed we can provide a cooler for your birds. Give us a call with your questions and give us the PRIVILEGE of mounting your next bird.